RecessedSlide™ | High-Performance Sliding Door System

Our RecessedSlide™ system is an under-mount system built into the wall cavity, NOT in the hallway or room. Our RecessedSlide™ system always includes a Sidelite. The track system is pre-assembled and set to the clear opening for an easy install.


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Why Architects choose the RecessedSlide™

The RecessedSlide™ takes the space savings to the next level. Built into the cavity of the wall, this interior sliding door system will not encroach in the hallway and room, creating more space than a surface mounted system. This sliding door system is ideal for high-traffic areas where space is limited.

RecessedSlide™ Features:

  • Pre-assembled track system set to the clear opening & includes sidelite
  • Soft closers that are removable without removing or readjusting the door
  • Acoustic & smoke gaskets options
  • Space saving low maintenance design that recovers 9 to 30 sq. ft.
  • Ball bearing rollers & guides
  • Installs in 6 easy steps… without a certified installer
  • Fits any door manufacture, endless door & hardware options
  • Custom auto door gaskets for the bottom of the door

“We don’t spend our time pontificating about high-concept things; We spend our time solving engineering and manufacturing problems.”
– Elon Musk

The sliding door industry has exploded over the past few years. Sliding door systems have been the go-to solution for architects and designers looking for a space-saving option for medical, commercial, and educational projects.

The team at ModTrax collaborated with architects, designers, installers, and clients throughout the United States and took all of their feedback into consideration when designing and developing the RecessedSlide™. The end result is sliding door systems that stand up to daily use without constant maintenance.

Here are just a few of the problems the ModTrax™ RecessedSlide™ door system solves:


  • Fits into the cavity of the wall, not in the hallway or room
  • Pre-assembled track for quick installation
  • Pre-loaded soft closers set to the clear opening 
  • Includes shims and hardware for easy installation
  • Pre-drilled track and door pocket so no aluminum filings get into rollers
  • Installs in 6 easy steps
  • Does not require a certified installer


  • Anti-vibration hardware prevents parts from coming unsecure
  • Robust soft closer prevents failure
  • Heavy-duty door stops prevent slamming and protects users
  • Integrated trigger arm ensures safety and less moving parts


  • ModTrax Care Plan for extended warranty
  • Soft closers are removable without removing or adjusting the door
  • Replaceable gaskets in the door pocket and jamb

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Ask about our ModTrax™ Care Plan.

Standard System Features

  • Pre-assembled track set to the clear opening
  • Aluminum case opening with integrated gaskets 
  • Vertical door pocket, integrated gaskets
  • (2) adjustable, removable soft closers set into the head of the track 
  • (2) independent aluminum roller guides 
  • (4) 1 ¼” ball bearing nylon wheels and built in 1” trigger arm 
  • (2) custom heavy duty hanger brackets, 
  • (2) 2” x 2¼” heavy duty aluminum door stops with dual rubber bumpers 
  • (1) 7/8” concealed ball bearing floor guide
  • (1) 1” aluminum track to be concealed in bottom of door
  • Anti-vibration hardware, gaskets, shims & instructions


  • ModTrax Care Plan 
  • Custom sidelites & transoms
  • Auto door gasket at the bottom of door
  • Enhanced gaskets
  • Custom design systems
  • ADA compliant hardware
  • Limitless glazing options/blinds/white boards


  • Space saving, fits into the cavity of the wall
  • Soft closing
  • Endless clear opening sizes
  • Pre-assembled track
  • Pre-drilled track & jamb
  • Heavy-duty ball bearing rollers & guides
  • Independent removable soft closers
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance

Door Manufacturers

  • Fits any 1 ¾” commercial interior door
  • Ability to match hinge doors identically 
  • Aluminum stile & rail doors
  • Wood stile & rail doors
  • Laminates/formica 
  • Acrovyn, VT, Edger’s, Masonite
  • Custom doors
  • Oversized doors

Hardware Options

  • Flush pulls
  • Surface pulls
  • Key locks with SFIC options
  • Privacy locks (with or without indicator)
  • Self-locking, self-latching mortise
  • Single action egress
  • Magnetic lock with key card
  • Electrified lock with built-in power transfer
  • Surface pulls with mortise lock
  • ADA compliant hardware available 
  • Antimicrobial coating available


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